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Reduce your Carbon Footprint and Save an average of 10% on your Electric Bill with Community Solar

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What is Community Solar?

Community solar offers local, clean energy that lowers your electric bill without having to install solar panels. New York has one of the most active community solar markets in the country.

How it Works

Community solar is a collective array of panels installed in an offsite location. Almost anyone in the area can access it and receive credits toward their electric bills.

Benefits of Community Solar

You can go solar without having to install anything on your property while saving money on your electric bill. In addition, you’re supporting clean, locally generated power!

  • “Both the CCA Program and Community Solar are no-brainers for everyone; they save people money and increase clean energy use in New York State, particularly here in the Hudson Valley. These programs are even better for people with less money since the savings will be even more meaningful.”

    Randy Casale

    Randy Casale

    Mayor of Beacon
  • “Lowering electric rates and, at the same time, sourcing 100% of our energy from renewable sources is a win for everyone who participates and a win for the environment. New collaborations with our neighboring communities is a win for the entire region.”

    Rob Rolison

    Rob Rolison

    Mayor of Poughkeepsie